Seven Things You Should Know About London to Paris by Eurostar Train

Should you only visit Iceland in the summertime? Do you need a jeep to

get around? Is everything very expensive? What about dangerous animals

in Iceland? What about safety? Will you like the food and is it dangerous to drive in Iceland?

Let’s try to answer these questions.

1. When to Visit Iceland?

This is a question I often get. And there is really no correct answer.

Understandably, Iceland has a lot of possibilities during the summertime,

but if you can only travel during other months, don’t hesitate – come

and visit and enjoy the particular atmosphere of THAT TIME OF YEAR!

There are hotels open all year round, excursions available all year round,

you just adapt to circumstances like a real Icelander!

2. Do I need a Jeep in Iceland?

If you want to travel around the country and mostly follow the so called

Ring Road (road nr. 1) and see the most famous places, you won’t need

a Jeep at all.

On the other hand, if you plan to visit the highlands and

to take some mountain tracks… you definitely should

hire a Jeep.

3. Is Everything Very Expensive in Iceland?

Some things are definitely expensive but if you plan well ahead, you can

really save yourself some money!

There are ways to remain within your budget, you just have to know


Just remember that a trip to Iceland isn’t about heavy mass tourism

where things often come cheaper.

What you WILL FIND CHEAP is our spas and you should learn to

enjoy them.

4. Is it Difficult to Drive in Iceland?

No, not difficult, but you have to be VERY CAREFUL because our roads are

not as good as the motorways of bigger countries. You should really inform

yourself beforehand and not discard the advice of car rental agencies.


5. Will I Like the Food in Iceland?

Ah…. the food… I can assure you that Icelandic food is of the

highest quality.

If you want, you can taste some unique Icelandic food like the famous skyr

and see whether you like it – if not, you will probably find every ingredient you

are used to at home and then some!

And if you are into health food, we have a lot of shops where you can buy

such food that as well and several restaurants too in Reykjavik, the capital.

6. Are there any Dangerous Animals in Iceland?

No – no such animals can be found in Iceland. You can enjoy not having to

worry. The worst I can think of are some bird species like the

arctic tern or the great skua which don’t like people around their eggs or

young ones :-).

7. What about the Water in Iceland?

I like to think we have the best water in the world.

You can drink from the tabs anywhere, in homes, hotels etc. and if you see

a stream you can usually drink directly from it too, although I wouldn’t

recommend drinking from our glacial rivers which are milky colored or

even brown at times! 🙂

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